Masters - Prize List

Prize Money: Masters 2015

1st £10,000 =1st Pentala Harikrishna 7 £6,000
2nd £5,000 =1st Laurent Fressinet 7 £6,000
3rd £3,000 =1st Gabriel Sargissian 7 £6,000
4th £2,000 =4th Nigel Short 6.5 £1,750
5th £1,500 =4th David WL Howell 6.5 £1,750
6th £1,000 =6th Arkadij Naiditsch 6 £100
  (=6th Francesco Rambaldi 6)  
  =6th Michael Adams 6 £100
  =6th Sergei Movsesian 6 £100
  =6th Erwin L'Ami 6 £100
  =6th Julio Granda Zuniga 6 £100
  =6th Mishra Swayams 6 £100
  =6th Sabino Brunello 6 £100
  =6th Jorden van Foreest 6 £100
  =6th Tiger Hillarp Persson 6 £100
  =6th Alexander Donchenko 6 £100

Total £22,500

Ladies' Awards

1st £3,000 1st Jovanka Houska 5.5 £3,000
2nd £2,000 2nd Elisabeth Paehtz 5.0 £2,000
3rd £1,250 =3rd Harika Dronavalli 4.5 £500
4th £750 =3rd Anna Zozulia 4.5 £500
  =3rd Dagne Ciuksyte 4.5 £500
  =3rd Yuliya Shvayger 4.5 £500

Total £7,000

Best relative rating achievement

2500 – 2599:£500 Francesco Rambaldi £500
2400 – 2499:£500 Mishra Swayams £250
  Martin Zumsande £250
2300 – 2399:£500 Alan Merry £500
2200 – 2299:£500 Yochanan Afek £500
2000 – 2199:£500 David Ottosen £500

Total £2,500

Grand Total £32,000

Prizes (including the first prize) shall be shared where players have the same score.
No player can win more than one complete prize.
A player forfeits the right to a rating prize if they are absent for the last round.
Tie-break (for deciding who receives the award of a trophy):
In the event of a tie for first place, the winner will be decided by tie-break, in the following order of priority:

  • The results between the players involved in the tie
  • Sum of progressive score
  • Sum of opponents' scores (Buchholz)
  • Sonneborn-Berger
  • Number of won games

British Championship Qualifier:
The highest placed eligible player not already qualified shall qualify for the right to play in the 2016 British Championship, subject to ECF regulations.

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