Who's Playing: Masters

Title Surname Firstnames Country Rating
81 IM
Gudmundur Iceland 2437
82 IM
Aman Canada 2434
83 IM
S. India 2432
84 GM
Keaton F. United States 2429
85 IM
Robert Netherlands 2425
86 FM
Nihal India 2424
87 WGM
Yuliya Israel 2416
88 IM
Inna Ukraine 2416
89 GM
James E. United States 2414
90 IM
Bharathakoti India 2413
91 IM
John-Paul Australia 2411
92 IM
Evgeny Germany 2409
93 IM
Krishna Teja
N. India 2406
94 IM
Eesha India 2405
95 FM
Sai Agni Jeevitesh
J. India 2404
96 IM
Peter T. England 2403
97 IM
Robert Germany 2402
98 IM
Shinya Japan 2401
99 GM
M.R India 2400
100 IM
Jovanka England 2397
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Latest News

Update - entries for the Masters are now closed
Published: 02 Jun 2017

More than three months before the event begins, the online entry facility for the Masters is now closed. We have 170 players entered, with four other places reserved, including two qualifying spots for Chess.com’s Titled Tuesday to be held on 6 June.

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Super-GMs Heading for the Isle of Man
Published: 23 May 2017

Four months might seem a long advance time to be running a trailer for a chess tournament but when the line-up is as special as the one for the Chess.com Isle of Man International (23 September - 1 October 2017), chess fans are going to want to know about it. You may be used to the Isle of Man line-up being very strong, but this year’s event could be very special indeed.

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Update - entries for the Masters reach the venue's capacity
Published: 12 May 2017

As at 09:30 BST on 12 May, we have 158 confirmed entries for the Masters from 33 countries, including 64 Grandmasters. After taking into account 16 reserved places where entry is still to be confirmed, we have reached the venue’s 174 player capacity.

The online entry facility for the Masters will remain open for the time being but any entries received from now on will be put on a reserve list on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that no further entries will be accepted into the Masters for players rated below 2000, although they can, of course, enter the Major. 

For those titled players still enquiring about conditions, I reiterate that the conditions budget was fully committed months ago and so there is no point in asking, unless your initials are MC! 

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in our tournament.

Alan Ormsby

12 May 2017

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