Prize Money: Grand Swiss

Prize Fund USD 432,500

1st: $70,000;
2nd: $50,000;
3rd: $40,000;
4th: $35,000;
5th: $30,000;
6th $25,000;
7th: $20,000;

8th: $16,000;
9th: $13,000;
10th: $11,000;
11th - 15th: $8,000 each;
16th - 20th: $5,000 each
21st - 25th: $3,000 each
26th - 30th: $2,000 each

Women's Prizes

1st: $10,000;
2nd: $8,000;
3rd: $6,000;
4th: $4,000;

5th $2,500;
6th: $2,000;

All prize money is divided equally where players have the same score (after 11 rounds).

If a female player wins a main prize then she will also receive the relevant women’s prize.

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Latest News

IOM International Chess Limited Announces ‘FIDE Grand Swiss’
Published: 03 Jun 2019

Douglas, Isle of Man, 4 June 2019 — The ‘FIDE Grand Swiss’ will be held in the Isle of Man from 10 to 21 October, and is expected to be the strongest Swiss-system tournament in the history of chess. The prize fund will be US$432,500, with a first prize of $70,000.

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