Update 1 October 2015

The 2015 PokerStars Isle of Man International Chess Tournament, commences in 2 days' time with 108 players from 28 countries so far entered for the Masters.

I would like to thank PokerStars and the Scheinberg family for making the event possible with very generous sponsorship, with the help of Isle of Man Department of Economic Development which is providing the Villa Marina free of charge.

Thanks also to IM Yochanan Afek who has once again dedicated an original endgame study to our tournament: Solutions are invited from those attending the Villa Marina. Photocopies of the position and a solution box will be provided at the venue.


I would like to remind all players of the need to register in person at the Villa Marina, ideally by 10pm Friday 2 October for those playing in the Masters and by 8pm on Sunday 4 October for those playing in the Major and Minor. If you can't make these deadlines, please see the contact details in the relevant Terms & Conditions attached to the entry forms.

All players aged 18+ should bring photo ID with them to enable them to register for PokerStars' PS Live Card, allowing access to all areas of the Villa Marina whilst PokerStars' UK & Ireland Poker Tour IOM event is taking place.

Opening Ceremony

The Masters gets underway at 1.30pm on Saturday 3 October. I invite all players to take their seats by 1.15pm when there will be a short opening ceremony. Our guest will be Allan Bell, the Isle of Man's Chief Minister, whom we will invite to make the first move on top board.


I wish all players and officials a safe journey to the island and look forward to meeting you all over the coming days.

Alan Ormsby (Chairman, Isle of Man International Chess Committee)

1 October 2015

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