Grand Swiss FIDE Qualifiers

Title Surname Firstnames Country Rating
101 GM
Varuzhan United States 2618 Reserve 22
102 GM
Ahmed Egypt 2618 Africa CC
103 GM
Daniele Italy 2615 Reserve 63
104 GM
Aleksandr Russia 2615 Reserve 32
105 GM
S.P. India 2613 Rating Qualifier 100
106 GM
Andriy Ukraine 2612 Reserve 61
107 GM
Eltaj Azerbaijan 2608 Rating Qualifier 87
108 GM
Delgado Ramirez
Neuris Paraguay 2605 Americas CC 2
109 GM
David Russia 2605 Reserve 48
110 GM
Niclas Germany 2603 Europe CC 3
111 GM
S.L. India 2603 Asia CC 2
112 GM
Baadur Georgia 2594 Reserve 43
113 GM
Abhimanyu India 2548 World U20 Championship
114 GM
Johan-Sebastian Norway 2548 Europe CC 5
115 GM
Gonzalez Vidal
Yuri Cuba 2547 Americas CC 3
116 GM
Karen Armenia 2486 World Senior 50+ Champion
117 GM
Vlastimil Czech Republic 2457 World Senior 65+ Champion
118 IM
Fy Antenaina Madagascar 2438 FIDE President's Nominee
119 GM
Kenny South Africa 2382 FIDE President's Nominee
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Latest News

Preview: 2019 FIDE Grand Swiss
Published: 15 Sep 2019

John Saunders reports: in just under a month’s time there begins the newest, and potentially most exciting, qualification event in the 2019/2020 World Chess Championship cycle – the inaugural FIDE Grand Swiss tournament, to be played over 11 rounds in the Isle of Man. The primary purpose of this tournament is to fill one of the eight places in the Candidates’ Tournament to be held in the first half of 2020. It features a phenomenal field of 160 leading players who aspire to the title and an eye-popping first prize of $70,000, with a total prize fund of $432,500. The latter detail has also attracted the two biggest names of all, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana, who head a competitor list featuring 26* players rated 2700 or more.

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IOM International Chess Limited Announces ‘FIDE Grand Swiss’
Published: 03 Jun 2019

Douglas, Isle of Man, 4 June 2019 — The ‘FIDE Grand Swiss’ will be held in the Isle of Man from 10 to 21 October, and is expected to be the strongest Swiss-system tournament in the history of chess. The prize fund will be US$432,500, with a first prize of $70,000.

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